Corin Sworn

Artists' Film International

  • Corin-Sworn-AFI-2012

Past Exhibition

This exhibition was on 19 January- 25 March 2012

Artists’ Film International
Corin Sworn

19 January- 25 March 2013

Corin Sworn’s video Lens Prism (2010) presents an unbroken monologue spoken by an actor in a simply-lit, atmospheric theatre space. Combining a variety of 19th and 20th century reference points to literature, theory and film, the work becomes the prism through which these are reinterpreted.

Glasgow-based artist Corin Sworn is interested in the ways that narrative can be appropriated, disrupted and re-edited to construct different stories. Her work weaves together a complex mesh of fragmented references and memories to reveal the subjectivity of personal experience.

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