Einat Amir, Ana Gallardo, Marinella Senatore, Nasan Tur and Katarina Zdjelar

Artist's Film International

  • Film still from

    Marinella Senatore, The Attic, 2012. Courtesy of Artist.

Past Exhibition

This exhibition was on 05 July- 13 October 2013

Artists’ Film International
Einat Amir, Ana Gallardo, Marinella Senatore, Nasan Tur and Katarina Zdjelar

05 July- 13 October 2013

From role-play to communal activities and urban graffiti, this season presents artists’ films based on social and collaborative projects to coincide with The Spirit of Utopia which looks at the role art plays in offering alternative ways of configuring society.

Einat Amir’s collaborative practice encourages volunteers to respond to predetermined scenarios while Ana Gallardo, Marinella Senatore and Katarina Zdjelar each interrogate the power of people coming together in a public space to make music or engage in a shared activity. In Nasan Tur’s performance video, hundreds of graffiti slogans from the streets of Berlin are sprayed on top of each other to create a block of colour in which language is obliterated.

Programme length:  74 mins.

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Nasan Tur
Berlin Says…, 2009
DVD, colour, sound
6.30 mins.
Courtesy the artist

Marinella Senatore
ROSAS – The Attic#2, 2012
HD video, colour, sound
30 mins.
Produced by Quad, Derby, courtesy the artist

Katarina Zdjelar
My Lifetime (Malaika), 2011
Single channel video
5.37 mins.
Courtesy the artist, Circus, Berlin and Spazio A, Pistoia

Ana Gallardo
Don Raul, 2012
Camera phone video
9.20 mins.
Courtesy the artist

Einat Amir
I Will Be Your Guide for This Session, 2013
Single channel video
14.45 mins.
Courtesy the artist


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