Burak Delier, Tejal Shah and Milica Tomic

Artists' Film International

  • Film still of Milica Tomić One Day video, 2009

    Milica Tomic, One Day, 2009, Film still. Courtesy of Artist

Past Exhibition

This exhibition was on 16 April- 22 June 2014

Artists’ Film International
Burak Delier, Tejal Shah and Milica Tomic

16 April- 22 June 2014

The global narrative of conflict, the rise of Neo-Liberalism and our relationship to nature are the themes explored through a trio of films from Belgrade, Istanbul and Mumbai.

An evocative film One day, instead of one night, a burst of machine-gun fire will flash, if light cannot come otherwise (Oskar Davičo), (2009) by fearless artist Milica Tomić explores how conflict has become part of the fabric of our everyday lives. Tomić’s film follows the artist walking through the streets of Belgrade with a machine gun, passing civilians who are seemingly unfazed by her weapon.

A darkly comic new work, Crisis and Control (2013) from Burak Delier, sees office workers adopting uncomfortable and strenuous physical positions as they recite personal stories to the viewer. It highlights tensions between labour, human ambition and the inevitable disillusionment that ensues.

Tejal Shah’s abstract film, Some Kind of Nature (2013) paints a surreal and mystical picture which acts as an allegory for humankind’s relationship to nature. While observing and meditating on various landscapes, the artist amplifies the poetry inherent in them. With special and sensual attention to rocks and trees, these inanimate beings begin to come alive and unfurl a communication of their own.

Milica Tomić, One day, instead of one night, A burst of machine-gun fire will flash, If light cannot come otherwise (Oskar Davičo), 2009, video, photo: Srdjan Veljović. Burak Delier, Crisis and Control, 2013, video, courtesy of the artist and Pilot Gallery (Istanbul).

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