Vika Kirchenbauer: YOU ARE BORING!

Vika Kirchenbauer_YOU ARE BORING!_(c)Vika Kirchenbauer_VG Bild Kunst_3(1)
Vika Kirchenbauer, YOU ARE BORING!, 2015, approx. 14 min. Selected by NBK, Berlin.

YOU ARE BORING! (2015) by Vika Kirchenbauer investigates ‘looking’ and ‘being looked at’ through the perspective of five performers. By subverting the language of marketing, the artist draws attention to commodified bodies and actions.

Vika Kirchenbauer (b. 1983, Germany) is an artist, writer, and music producer based in Berlin. Kirchenbauer examines the troublesome nature of ‘looking’ and ‘being looked at’ in larger contexts, including labour, modern drone warfare, the power relationships of psychiatry, performer/spectator relations, participatory culture, contemporary art display and queer representational politics. She has given lectures at various universities and art schools and her award-winning works have been shown at art institutions and film festivals worldwide.