Artists in Residence: Annette Krauss

Hidden Curriculum/In Search of the Missing Lessons

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Past Exhibition

Artists in Residence
Annette Krauss: Hidden Curriculum/ In Search of the Missing Lessons

17 Sept – 1 Dec 2013

Two young women wander through the spaces of a school – the corridor, canteen, staircase, library – towards the street, and public transport. They walk backwards, indifferent to people around them. What happens when all protocols are challenged or reversed? Using performance and film as tools, Utrecht based artist Annette Krauss playfully explores with students the transformative potential of (un)learning.

From small acts of creative disobedience, to collectively reinventing the use of objects and everyday routines, In Search of the Missing Lessons pursues Krauss’ interest in radical education and pedagogy. This project involved a year-long collaboration with St Paul’s Way Trust School (Tower Hamlets) and Cumberland School (Newham), resulting in a series of new videos: Undercover Studies, Collectively Rocking Chairs, and Reversed Impossible.