Artists in Residence

Shiraz Bayjoo and DARTER

  • Shiraz Bayjoo
  • Shiraz Bayjoo

Past Exhibition

This exhibition was on 16 December 2011- 26 February 2012

Artist group DARTER: Chloe Cooper, Phoebe Davies, Louisa Martin and artist Shiraz Bayjoo present new work following year-long residencies in east London schools. The work emerges from investigations into the social, physical and historical contexts of the schools and their communities.

Bayjoo’s Bow Boys Archive explores histories and notions of collective memory and place. Students’ family stories are set against a history of migration and the fight for human rights. The work includes film, photography and painting in an emotionally and politically charged installation.

DARTER’s work responds directly to particular social contexts – in this case the Bridge Academy, Hackney. DARTER established an active presence within the space and structure of the school with the aim to create a dialogue between contemporary art practice and the practice of students studying art. The artworks in this exhibition seek to question the influence of predetermined outcomes in the art curriculum, the intentions and consequences of placing artists within formal education and the ways in which these situated debates may be played out within the gallery context.

Artists’ residencies took place at the Bridge Academy, Hackney, and Bow School of Maths and Computing, Tower Hamlets.

Supported by: The Equitable Charitable Trust, ICE Futures Charitable Trust, LCH. Clearnet, The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation and Schroder Charity Trust.