Children’s Commission 2013: Simon & Tom Bloor

Loose Parts

  • Simon & Tom Bloor Children
  • Simon & Tom Bloor Children

Past Exhibition

Children’s Commision 2013
Simon & Tom Bloor: Loose Parts

19 March – 09 June 2013

Artists Simon and Tom Bloor (based in Birmingham and London) continue recurring themes within their practice that consider creativity and play as both rebellious and utopian acts. The exhibition title is taken from architect Simon Nicholson’s ‘Theory of Loose Parts’, first published in 1971, which proposes that ‘loose parts’ in our environments empower creativity.

The Bloors present a new body of work developed from workshops carried out at Hermitage Primary School, Tower Hamlets, where small clay sculptures made by the artists were crushed by children, encouraging a sense of rebellion within the school. These clay forms, cast in chalk, are available for visitors to draw on the Gallery walls and are presented alongside prints documenting the process of creation through destruction.

The Children’s Art Commission is accompanied by a new publication designed by James Langdon with Simon & Tom Bloor.