Children’s Commission 2014: Francis Upritchard

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Past Exhibition

Children’s Commission 2014:
Francis Upritchard

10 June – 28 Sept 2014

A two-metre long papier-mâché dinosaur, strange creatures and delicate objects are part of London-based artist Francis Upritchard’s (b. 1976) experiments with materials, forms and textures inspired by classical sculpture, and craft traditions from Brazil to her native New Zealand.

Upritchard works with glass, paper, clay, bronze and balata – a form of rubber sourced from the Amazon rainforest, discovered while on a residency in Brazil. Balata is used by craftsmen to make colourful toys depicting humans, animals and monsters that tell the myths and legends of Amazonia. In New Zealand, she investigated the stories of local potters and their ceramic techniques. Upritchard blurs the boundaries between fine arts and craft, exploring how making and play can shape collective imagination and develop creative potential.

Admission free