Art in the Auditorium

Cristobal Leon, Niles Atallah & Joaquin Cocina, Marthe Thorshaug, Rachael Rakena, Kelly Nipper

  • Courtesy Marthe Thorshaug
  • prodfoto2_Legenden_om_Ygg

Past Exhibition

Artists from three continents explore the surreal, myth and ritual in video.  León, Atallah and Cociña’s animations are a surreal tale of falling in love, taking us from peace to destruction and back again. Thorshaug’s film is a modern take on Norse legend’s death riders, as a group of girls drive themselves to extremes to conquer their fear and test their horses’ courage. Rakena’s work shows a lone man feasting on a raw fish head. Seafood is fundamental in Maori culture, and feeds him physically and mentally, as he consumes the sea’s myths. Nipper’s film, based on choreographer Mary Wigman’s Witch Dance (1914), sees a ‘witch’ dancer enacting rituals resembling weather patterns, to evoke superstitions that sorceresses control the weather.

The films are part of Art in the Auditorium, showcasing international artists working with film, video and animation. León, Atallah and Cociña are selected by Fundación Proa, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Thorshaug by Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, Norway; Rakena by The City Gallery Wellington, New Zealand; Nipper by Ballroom Marfa, Texas.

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