David Batchelor

Monochrome Archive, 1997-2015

  • David Batchelor

    Monochrome Archive, 1997–2015, no.19 Islington, London 10/04/1999 © David Batchelor


  • David Batchelor

    No. 57 Stoke Newington, London, 20.08.02 © David Batchelor

  • David Batchelor

    No. 487 Pompeia, São Paulo, Brazil, 26.02.2012 © David Batchelor

  • David Batchelor

Past Exhibition

For nearly 20 years British artist David Batchelor (b. 1955) has been photographing his series of Found Monochromes – white rectangles and squares encountered on walks through cities from London to São Paulo. While he started looking at how abstraction is embedded in the urban fabric, the series has grown into a far more personal project: a psychogeographical map of each city he visits. He says:

“I often feel that abstract art is the art of the city and that the monochrome is its exemplary form”.


Now for the first time all 500 images – an explosion of white rectangles in the Gallery – are shown as a multi-screen installation, giving a spectacular counterpoint to the Adventures of the Black Square exhibition.

Planned Closures:

Friday 1 May, 11am – 1pm

David Batchelor

Artist's Introduction: Monochrome Archive, 1997-2015

Listen to artist David Batchelor discuss his series of Found Monochromes and the inspiration behind this personal project.


David Batchelor Found Monochromes Postcard Pack

A pack of 12 postcards to accompany the artist’s installation at the Whitechapel Gallery.
Postcards A6 (10.5 x 15 cm) in a wallet.

Batchelor for web sml

David Batchelor Found Monochrome (black) 15 Newcastle 11.05.09 (2015)

Digital c type print printed on a Lamda machine on Fuji crystal archive M Dimensions: 50.8 x 40.5 cm Edition of 55 prints, signed and numbered.

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