Fred Sandback

  • Fred Sandback, Untitled (Sculptural Study, Seven-part Right-angled Triangular Construction)
  • Fred Sandback, Untitled (Sculptural Study, Seven-part Triangular Construction)

Past Exhibition

American artist Fred Sandback (1943–2003) uses the most modest materials to transform the white cube of the gallery into an exploration of line, plane and volume.

The setting of Gallery 2 provides the stage for Sandback’s sculpture made from coloured yarn. Scaled to meet the dimensions of this cruciform room, lines of yarn are used, like three-dimensional drawings, to define planes and volumes with no mass.

Using nothing but ‘air and edges’ he magically alters our experience of the space. In his words, ‘the inherent mysticism resides in persisting in wanting to make something as factual as possible and having it turn out just the other way… the realisation that the simplest and most comfortable of perceptions are shadows’. This installation, conceived with the Fred Sandback Estate, offers a unique spatial experience.

Admission free