Gabriela Golder and Wojciech Bakowski

Artists' Film International

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    Wojciech Bąkowski (b. 1979, Poland), The Analysis of Emotions and Vexations Part 2, 2016, Video animation. Courtesy the artist. Selected by the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw.

Past Exhibition

Artists’ Film International
Gabriela Golder and Wojciech Bakowski

17 October – 3 December 2017

In Conversation Piece (2013) by Gabriela Golder (b. 1971, Argentina) a woman reads Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto with her granddaughters. The girls ask questions, such as ‘What is communism?’, which she patiently answers, revealing the disconnect between a utopian vision and the social inequality that persists today. Wojciech Bakowski’s (b. 1979, Poland) The Analysis of Emotions and Vexations: Part 2 (2016), a stop-motion animation made with ephemeral materials, explores memory and reverie in which the viewer takes on the role of listener.

AFI’s 2017–18 programme focuses on the theme of collaboration.

Gabriela Golder is selected by Fundacion PRÓA, Buenos Aires;
Wojciech Bakowski by Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw.

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