Heather and Ivan Morison

Smile All the While

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Past Exhibition

Heather and Ivan Morison: Smile All the While

10 Dec 2013 – 09 March 2014

What is the relation between making art, learning and play? Where does a story begin and end? Can a character become real? Artists Heather and Ivan Morison (b.1973/1974) fill the galleries with the voices of two characters which take us on a choreographed journey through the space, in a humorous exploration of how fiction and everyday life can be woven together. Inspired by the experience of a year-long residency at Thomas Buxton Primary School (Tower Hamlets), this new work uses improvisation, games and rules to trigger unexpected and playful situations. Through one-off happenings, puppetry, travel, writing, storytelling or large scale sculptural installations, the Morisons consider how places and communities can be transformed through collective action.

Supported by Trusthouse Charitable Foundation and the Equitable Charitable Trust.