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Past Exhibition

John Latham: Anarchive

02 April – 05 Sept 2010

The remarkable archive of British artist John Latham (1921–2006) is explored through this exhibition of his work and papers.

Latham had a visionary outlook that questioned scientific thought. An important contributor to the Destruction in Art Symposium, 1966, and a founder member of the Artist Placement Group (1966-89), he created performances, paintings, assemblages, sculptures and films. This apparently eclectic practice was united by his concept of Event Structures and Flat Time Theory. Through his experimental and radical work he linked science and art, proving influential in both fields.

The exhibition explores the fundamental concepts that shaped his art, also including material from Flat Time House, the artist’s residence and home to the John Latham Archive.

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A highlight of the exhibition are the six rarely seen videos entitled Targets which were commissioned for Channel 4 in 1984 as part of the Dadarama series. These were designed as an intervention to the channel’s main programme and depict Latham’s theory through the combination of figurative and abstract sequences.

John Latham: Anarchive is co-curated by Antony Hudek, Athanasios Velios, Research Fellows at Ligatus, University of the Arts, London, and Nayia Yiakoumaki, Archive Curator, Whitechapel Gallery.

Supported by the John Latham Foundation, the Lisson Gallery, the Exhibition Circle, Yoko Ono, Richard Saltoun and those who wish to remain anonymous.