Karin Sander, Igor Jesus and Igor Bošnjak

Artists' Film International

  • Karin Sander, Sigrid 1930, 2009. Excerpt from a Pathé fi lm of 1930. Sound, transferred from 9.5mm to digital video. Courtesy the artist.

    Karin Sander, Sigrid 1930, 2009. Excerpt from a Pathé film of 1930. Sound, transferred from 9.5mm to digital video. Courtesy the artist.

Past Exhibition

Artists’ Film International
Karin Sander, Igor Jesus and Igor Bošnjak

7 June – 7 August 2016

*Please note the Artists’ Film International will temporarily be screened to the rear of Gallery 2, while the Zilkha Auditorium is closed for essential maintenance work, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please keep checking our website for further updates or call the Visitor Services team on +44(0)20 7522 7888 or E: info@whitechapelgallery.org for more information.

A selection of artists’ film focusing on materiality. German-based Karin Sander (b. 1957) loops a 1930s reel, where the stains and scratches on the original celluloid bounce like the child’s ball in the footage.

POV (2015) by Portuguese artist Igor Jesus (b.1989) captures a speaker plummeting from the sky as the landscape unravels around it, while EUtopia (2015–16) tracks the contours of an oil painting by Bosnian artist Igor Bošnjak (b.1981) as if it were another planet.

Karin Sander is selected by Video-Forum (n.b.k.); Igor Jesus by MAAT; Igor Bošnjak by The Cultural Centre of Belgrade.

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Artists' Film International at the Whitechapel Gallery. Designed by Rachael Mills

Artists’ Film International celebrates moving image work selected by a global partnership of arts organisations. Each nominates an outstanding work from their region which is screened across each venue. Find out more.