Keeping it Real: An Exhibition in Four Acts

Act 4: Material Intelligence

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Past Exhibition

This exhibition was on 18 Mar- 22 May 2011

The final display from the D. Daskalopoulos Collection, Greece, brings together works by eleven artists who use a wide range of images to forge a direct link between art and everyday life.

Martin Kippenberger combines calendar reproductions of iconic Pop Art works with cut outs from a German nudist magazine whereas Arturo Herrera’s abstract collages incorporate segments of his own comic-inspired paintings. Paul Chan’s black-and-white images and Seth Price’s wall-mounted silhouettes both give material form to the space between objects.

Kelley Walker’s brick ‘painting’ printed onto newspaper acts like a time capsule whereas Gabriel Kuri’s standards made from emergency blankets combine lightness of touch with astute political awareness. A similar sense of humour also characterises Rivane Neuenschwander’s video of ants devouring a map of the world and Gabriel Orozco’s fake tree, each leaf of which carries a paper moon.

Sam Durant’s graffiti of a famous 1968 slogan on a large mirror reflects on the link between avant-garde art and revolutionary politics, while Ester Partegàs exposes the overbearing omnipresence of consumer culture. This show offers a rare opportunity to see two works by Cady Noland, whose US flag drooped across a Zimmer frame and life-size image of a cowboy perforated by holes explore the iconographies of power.

The fourth in a series of four displays from the D. Daskalopoulos Collection,
Greece, gives a chance to see this extraordinary artwork for the first time in London.

Keeping it Real is part of the Gallery’s ongoing programme providing a platform for important but rarely seen public and private collections.

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List of Artists:

Act 1: The Corporeal (10 June–5 September 2010) Marina Abramovic, John Bock, Louise Bourgeois, Marcel Duchamp, Jimmie Durham, Robert Gober, David Hammons, Jim Hodges, Despina Isaia, Sherrie Levine, Sarah Lucas, Kiki Smith, Paul Thek, Sue Williams.

Act 2: Subversive Abstraction (17 September–5 December 2010) Lynda Benglis, Robert Gober, David Hammons, Damien Hirst, Mike Kelley, Nikos Kessanlis, Julie Mehretu, Kori Newkirk, Dieter Roth, Daniel Subkoff, Rosemarie Trockel.

Act 3: Current Disturbance (17 December 2010–6 March 2011) Mona Hatoum

Act 4: Material Intelligence (18 March–22 May 2011) Paul Chan, Sam Durant, Arturo Herrera, Martin Kippenberger, Gabriel Kuri, Rivane Neuenschwander, Cady Noland, Gabriel Orozco, Ester Partegas, Seth Price, Kelley Walker.