Lady Lucy: Whitechapel Gallery Staff Portrait Studio

  • Lady-Lucy-The-Court-Portraits-2010

Past Exhibition

In the corridors of the Houses of Parliament and the back rooms of third division football clubs hang portraits of heads of state and treasured past employees. Artist Lady Lucy follows in this tradition, and uses portraiture as a process for communication and interaction. She encouraged a group of people aged 16-19 to set up a portrait studio, where staff from the Gallery were invited to sit and reveal aspects of themselves and the institution.

Step behind the scenes of the Gallery, to see the organisation’s own pantheon of staff portraits.

Portraits by: Rafid Arman, Raynne Bushell, Jenny Chong, Dimo Dimov, Ali Hussain, Hakan Karabulut, Habiba Khatun, Parisa Khonsari, Becca Murphy, Zuzanna Pinczewska, Qing Sun, Tamanya Thorpe-Slater, Kitty Wallace and Mhairi Wyles-Lang.

Admission free