Lars Laumann, Jacopo Miliani, Raju Rage

Artists' Film International

  • Jacopo Miliani, Deserto, 2017. Courtesy the artist

    Jacopo Miliani, Deserto, 2017, HD video, colour, sound. Courtesy the artist

Past Exhibition

This exhibition was on 2 Apr – 2 Jun 2019

Artists’ Film International

Lars Laumann, Jacopo Miliani, Raju Rage

2 April – 2 June 2019

Season of Migration to the North (2015) by Lars Laumann (b. 1975, Norway) is a first person narrative of the experiences of Eddie Esmael, a young gay Sudanese asylum seeker to Norway. Fleeing homophobia in his own country he finds he now faces ostracism for both his sexuality and his Muslim faith.

The starting point for Jacopo Miliani’s (b. 1979, Italy) Deserto (2017) is two films based in the desert starring the iconic British actor Terence Stamp. Through performance and voiceover Miliano creates a new language for speaking about multiple and queer identities and dismantling fixed gender roles.

Raju Rage is an interdisciplinary artist whose Techno Gender: Pyramid Revealed By A Sandstorm (2017) is a sonic collage of images focusing on the emotional impact of hormones on the body. Bridging the gap between science, health and art, it questions the role of hormones in the social determination of sex and gender.

Lars Laumann is selected by Tromsø Kunstforening; Jacopo Miliani by GAMeC and Raju Rage by Project 88.


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