Luke Fowler and Mark Fell

Computers and Cooperative Music-Making

  • Grainy film still featuring two out of focus figures looking at a computer screen displaying indecipherable charts and lines.

Past Exhibition

This exhibition was on 30 October 2015 – 7 Februrary 2016

Luke Fowler and Mark Fell: Computers and Cooperative Music-Making

30 October 2015 – 7 February 2016

The computer is a ubiquitous component in today’s music studios and on stage. Using sound, text and image, the new collaboration between Glasgow-based artist film-maker Luke Fowler (b. 1978) and Sheffield-based multidisciplinary artist Mark Fell (b. 1966) examines the development of early computer music languages that have been obscured by more commercially viable options.

The exhibition looks at how the use of computers began to shape music-making through experimentation with unfamiliar techniques involving mathematical structures, data and unusual forms of interaction. These methods are buried deep in the archaeological sub strata of today’s electronic music. Working across visual arts and music, the display becomes a tool for local students to experiment with computer-based composition.

Supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.


Mark Fell: Music and Computers
Thu 14 Jan, 7pm

A discussion with artist Mark Fell on the history of computer music and its associated ideologies, aesthetics and communities. With Georgina Born, Professor of Music and Anthropology at University of Oxford and artist and musician Jan Hendrickse.

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