Munem Wasif, Mikołaj Sobczak, Jibade-Khalil Huffman

Artists' Film International

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    Munem Wasif, Machine Matter, Single channel projection, 2017

Past Exhibition

This exhibition was on 31 Jul – 30 Sep 2018

Artists’ Film International

Munem WasifMikołaj SobczakJibade-Khalil Huffman

31 July – 30 September 2018

The global consortium AFI curates works on the theme of truth in international artist’s film today.

In Machine Matter (2017) by Munem Wasif (b. 1983, Bangladesh), the weight of the memories of machines and bodies in abandoned jute factories mirror the economic struggles of post-colonial Bangladesh.

In Star (2017), a pseudo-documentary by Mikołaj Sobczak (b. 1989, Poland), drag queens occupy Warsaw’s Museum of Natural History during a ‘crisis of masculinity’. The energy of the far-right protests is juxtaposed with that of the STAR (Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries) movement in 1970s New York.

First Person Shooter (2016) invites the viewer to navigate footage from violent and formulaic video games, TV, videos and texts by Jibade-Khalil Huffman (b. 1981, USA), and a disquieting soundtrack, to reflect on the black community’s daily struggles in present day USA.


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