Rhea Storr, Vika Kirchenbauer, Yu Gou

Artists' Film International

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    Rhea Storr, Junkanoo Talk, 2017, Digital and Super 16mm converted to digital with sound

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21 Jan – 22 Mar 2020

Zilkha Auditorium

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Artists’ Film International

Rhea Storr, Vika Kirchenbauer, Yu Gou

21 January – 22 March 2020

The imagery in Junkanoo Talk (2017) by Rhea Storr unfolds like a language without words. Junkanoo is a carnival of the Bahamas; vivid shots of festival costumes are accompanied by sounds made on the body to the beats of Bahamian Rake ‘n’ Scrape.

YOU ARE BORING! (2015) by Vika Kirchenbauer investigates ‘looking’ and ‘being looked at’ through the perspective of five performers. By subverting the language of marketing, the artist draws attention to commodified bodies and actions.

Yu Gou explores Jiéjiè (Enchantment) (2019), a Buddhist term describing the protective ‘zone’ created through a collective consciousness. Guo analyses this concept within heavily mediated urban environments.

Rhea Storr is selected by Whitechapel Gallery; Vika Kirchenbauer by n.b.k.; Yu Guo by KWM artcentre.


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