More in A Never-Setting Sun

A Never-Setting Sun

Beers London

9 April - 14 May

This particular body of work has undergone an interesting journey, originally intended as a response to Derek Jarman’s autobiography, Modern Nature, the works began to take on their own identity over the course of the past year in his studio.

Salgado approaches themes of failure, inspiration, and exuberance with his wry sense of humor and trademark style, but states that, at its core, the show is ‘about making mistakes.’ This time around, those Salgado-isms seem tempered. Gone are the bells and whistles and loud proclamations (well, not completely,) but Salgado has edited the works to a place of quiet introspection. He seems comfortable pursuing a quieter path. The resulting body of works are more reflective, introspective, and metaphoric, but also maintain an element of silliness, the fantastical or absurd, pulling inspiration from his ongoing love of literature, poetry, and Greek Mythology.

51 Little Britain, London, UK, EC1A 7BH

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