More in Beast of Burden; or, The Modern Frankenstein’s

Beast of Burden; or, The Modern Frankenstein’s

2 May - 11 May

The first show of the 2024 Tellus Triannual programme is Beast of Burden; or, The Modern Frankenstein’s, a solo show by Temsüyanger Longkumer, hosted by Greatorex Street.

Here is an extract from the press release:

“Drawing inspiration from Mary Shelley’s timeless classic, “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.” Delving into Shelley’s foreboding narrative, this exhibition explores one of our contemporary counterparts to Dr Frankenstein’s creation—the oil pump machines, affectionately known as “Nodding Donkeys.”

The exhibition showcases this modest yet unfortunate machine, which has become emblematic of the environmental challenges and ecological decline confronting our planet. Drawing upon the intricacies of unintended consequences and the paradoxes entangled within our pursuit of “progress” and “development,” this work serves as a poignant tribute to the symbol of human culpability—the scapegoat of our modern era.”

Opening Reception: Thursday, 2nd May, 6-9pm

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