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Blind at The Age of Four

8 September - 5 October

Jack Warne’s (aka GAUNT) most ambitious UK solo show; an immersive, multi-sensory encounter with his paintings which incorporate adaptive AR technologies and sound derived from his debut album ‘Blind at The Age of Four’ (released 18th August 2023 on the artist’s own platform, 3ON).

An exhibition that seeks to disrupt the norms of how to perceive and interact with a visual arts show, incorporating co-created Audio Description, physical wayfinding features and AR experiences devised with blind and sighted collaborators.

The show’s curators D/ARTS and Collective Agency (a group of blind and sighted artists, writers, academics and curators) are working in close collaboration with Warne to develop an inclusive gallery experience. Co-created Audio Description and innovative physical wayfinding features will be embedded into the gallery show, which, along with the Augmented Reality elements, will create an immersive environment where different ways of being with the artwork are encouraged.

Opening Reception: 6:30 – 10 pm

39 Gransden Ave, Unit 6, 39 Gransden Avenue, London E8 3QA


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