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57A Redchurch Street, London E2 7DJ, United Kingdom

Daemon Waves

Studio 1.1

3 November - 27 November

studio1.1 London is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Daniel PasteinerDaemon Waves’.

These pieces are made using a process of sandblasting and painting onto salvaged glass solar panels.

A stencil is used to mask out areas of the panel that is then sandblasted creating shapes of matt etched glass. Then acrylic varnish mixed with watercolour is painted onto the panel oriented horizontally. After the first layer has dried a second layer is applied and the panel is tilted at a thirty-degree angle allowing the paint to flow across the surface. The piece may be completed at this stage but if not further layers/marks are applied. Lastly the panel is framed in steel, with a shadow gap between the panel and the frame.

The pictures are now readable as a kind of dissolving sky-scape, where cloud like surfaces and pools are produced as the paint dries on the non-porous glass surface. Through the layers of paint the previously etched shapes now show as a substratum of crazing/smooth drying areas describing moons/waves/rings.

The thin paint membrane covering the jet-black void of glass may remind us of the fragile boundaries between earth’s atmosphere and space, between human world meaning and cosmic non-meaning. This surface/depth relationship is further reinforced by the knowledge that the object had a previous life as a piece of technology that turned sunlight into electricity – now repurposed, transformations of a different nature are invited to occur.

Looming ominously nearby in the space there is a sculpture, a net bag full of polystyrene model buildings covered in pigmented render and spray paint based on a children’s toy set – a body bag for a city. Another kind of painted membrane, this perforated manifold distorted by its contents redirects movement through the space.

57a Redchurch Street, E2 7DJ

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6-9 pm

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