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18 April - 5 May

Broadworks are pleased to announce the opening of Dawn Beckles’ solo exhibition, opening on the 18th April. The exhibition will be installed in our ground floor gallery, alongside a busy programme on the evening of the 18th April, as Lin Kam Art presents a night of DJ performances as a part of Bass Tone Regeneration: Earth Day on the Broadworks roof terrace and the resident artists and makers will be on site for Broadworks’ monthly open studios event.

Dawn Beckles is a mixed media artist specialising in combining painting, collage and screen printing, Dawn frequently parallels found images of man-made beauty with those of the natural world, especially exotic flora inspired by her native Barbados. It is in Dawn’s paintings that one will find high fashion, bespoke interiors juxtaposed with orchids and birds of paradise painted from her private collection.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with images of grandeur and extravagance, On Display seeks to redirect our attention to the beauty inherent in the ordinary. Each artwork in this collection serves as a testament to the artistic potential hidden within the most commonplace objects. From discarded household items to forgotten trinkets, every piece in this exhibition tells a story of significance, inviting viewers to explore the aesthetic and emotional resonance of the seemingly mundane.

For Whitechapel’s First Thursday event on the 2nd May the gallery will be open late to reach new and diverse audiences.

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