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Decoded and Deciphered

Hundred Years Gallery

4 May - 7 May

Decoded and Deciphered is an exhibition that brings together a complex and thoughtful collection of multi-disciplinary works. The collection aims to explore the codes and cyphers embedded within our modern way of living through painting, sculpture and video work presented in an untraditional, immersive manner that makes complete use of the gallery space.

The notion of ‘codes and cyphers’ used throughout most of the exhibition-related texts is a term used to refer to societal norms and customs put in place to hinder the progress of individuals and groups. The term remains abstract in an effort to allow the viewer to place the works within the context of their personal experience.

Furthermore, the exhibition looks into the future and attempts to demystify the challenges of established social boundaries, cracking the codes towards effective progress. The artists, through their collaborative and independent work, are attempting to find a productive desire for the future, working on positives and possibilities in favour of ruminating on the past. The show attempts to do away with cynicism and instead acknowledge the existing potential of improved future circumstances. The collection is exhibited in a manner that detaches itself from traditional wall displays and encourages guests to approach and engage with the physicality of the works.

The works reevaluate contemporary life without delving far into escapism, the overarching visual and material tone of the works expresses a sense of practicality and modesty. Each artistic expression within this show could thoroughly stand on its own, however, these pieces have been brought together collectively as a result of their transferable qualities and the unified contribution to a well-developed theme. Unified, these expressions create a journey in time reflected throughout the contemporary human experience. Individual pieces from within the collection explore themes such as literature, music and the innate human ability to utilise and develop symbols and codes, helping advance or hinder communication at will. Furthermore, the show explores certain universal realities such as ethnicity, class consciousness and human relations, merging these features to create an untraditional and explorative experience.

This show experiments with individuality through a multitude of varied works that reflect the feelings, views and intentions of its artists. These works can be appreciated individually or through the narrative created whilst displaying them together. This is all done with the aim of exploring the possibility of a new culture, new virtues and changing social expectations, making something out of something.

13 Pearson Street, E2 8JD

Opening Reception: 6 – 9pm, Thursday 4th May

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