More in Duende – Gallery of Sorts #6: ‘Cumulus’ (Book Launch) by Guy Archard

Duende – Gallery of Sorts #6: ‘Cumulus’ (Book Launch) by Guy Archard

1 September - 1 September

To be a cloud; a photograph. Droplets hovering on air, softening into paper. Both are symbols of mobility, dreams and mood. Both visual delights with a tousled history of allegory and wonder, ever-changing, everywhere.

Guy Archard’s latest photobook Cumulus is a concise yet heady accumulation of cloud portraits in which he fixes and materializes that which sashays and drifts overhead. He restores and celebrates what a contemporary excess of photographs denies: the rarity and preciousness of the isolated form. He reminds us that the formation of a cloud, watching it traverse the sky, remains as subtle and magic as a print appearing in the developer tray.

Published by Y-Junction as a handcrafted limited edition of 200 copies, the book folds out concertina-style to reveal nineteen panels of individual giclee prints tipped-in without glue.




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