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StolenSpace Gallery

8 November - 1 December

Paul Stephenson is a London based artist, who adapts original pieces of artwork into the 21st Century. They explore the effect that the media has through which we experience art, and how our relationship changes with it and warps the presumed intentions of the original artist.

In 2016, Stephenson unveiled his show ‘Forced Collaborations’ at the gallery, in which he subjected modern iconography onto original paintings he found, as reflections of the modern onto artwork of the past. This new body of work follows this theme, using 200 year old paintings as the base foundation in which modern reflections are layered on top of.

In reflection Paintings, Stephenson works the viewer and their surroundings into existing, original pieces – drawing attention to the screens that have become integral to how we now all view the world. In doing so, he again explores our relationship with art, making us once removed from it and reminding us of our own existence in a truly evocative, explosive exhibition.


17 Osborn Street, E1 6TD

Getting to: StolenSpace Gallery

The gallery is 1 minutes walk from Aldgate East station. Alternatively, Liverpool Street, Tower Gateway stations and Shoreditch High Street overground station are approximately 15 minutes walks from the gallery.

Buses: The 25, 205 and 254 stop on Whitechapel High-street. .

Please contact Transport for London for detailed travel advice

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