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The Tommy Flowers

3 October - 20 October

Keith Hopewell AKA Part2ism‘s multidisciplinary practice is focused on the utilisation of public space, and the understanding of how work can communicate in such ever-shifting environments. His paintings on canvas however, incorporate the same approach to his work in the public sphere, with the use of gestures, repetition, ritual and performance to create a language of the senses. Projects this year include a new collection of large scale canvas paintings, created at High House in Norfolk. As a resident at the house for 5 months, Antony Gormley gave Keith full licence to work outdoor anywhere on his 1000 acre grounds.

Manuel Sanmartin and Graham Carrick have worked together on a number of projects including a large scale collaborative piece for the foyer of Christies London, installations at Museo Alejandro Otero in Caracas, and empty spaces ranging from a 13th Century French chateau, to a disused Tyneside pithead.

For Aberfeldy Street, they’ll collaborate on a ‘live’ painting on 28th September, to accompany Part2ism‘s work at numbers 48-50 and CizeOne‘s upcoming shutter series in October. CizeOne will be leading youth workshops from mid-October, for more information please contact us via email fitzrovianoir@gmail or see updates on our webite at and social media

This High Street Works series is facilitated by Meanwhile Space and Jan Kattein Architects, working with commissioning agency Fitzrovia Noir.

Fitzrovia Noir CIC
The Tommy Flowers
50 Aberfeldy Street
E14 0NU

Opening reception with artist’s work visible on outside of The Tommy Flowers and 29 Aberfeldy Street



On 3/10/19 we’ll keep the shutters closed on our new 48 Aberfeldy Street space, currently undergoing refurbishment. This will allow viewers to see the whole of Part2ism’s work that stretches over to the facade of The Tommy Flowers next door.

Over the coming months, more of the empty units on the street will showcase abstract and futuristic imagery, creating an outdoor gallery to accompany the exhibition space inside The Tommy Flowers, where Chris Campbell’s exhibition continues until 20/10/19.

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