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I against I

6 April - 20 May

Chris Lloyd’s I Against I is a personal memento scripting past and future self. Using watercolor and canvas, the artist’s autobiographical landscape portrays self-expansion and self-annihilation. Strengths and weaknesses. Resistance and flow. Impulse and intention.  Divine opportunity and withheld chances.

Somewhere in our dynamic limitlessness lies a psychotic dichotomy of chaos and control.

Know yourself, I say. Go fuck yourself, I respond.

What is the supernatural force that so badly wants to coconspire against the self’s free will?

It is all I.

Only in the settled dust of memory can I accept my identity as Monster Sublime.”

Text by Vivien Lee




Soft Opening

6 Minerva St, E2 9EH

Opening Reception: Thursday, 6 April, 6–8 pm

Opening times: Wed-Sat: 12-6pm

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