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In The Margins

1 April - 14 May

Well placed within the experimental and intimate Commonage basement space will be a series of sculptures by Hannah Lim titled ‘In the Margins’. Lim is a British artist of Chinese-Singaporean descent. Her intricate sculptures merge furniture and calligraphy taking inspiration from both Eastern and Western cultures whilst being recontextualised in a strikingly bold and contemporary style. This culminates in a playful installation containing fantastical yet subversive narratives.

Her works are to “re-imagine and reclaim ideas and designs that are associated with […] problematic colonial undertones” addressing the trends of appropriating Southeast Asian motifs. Historical research plays a significant role in developing the narrative of her works. She has previously citied Orientalism and Chinoiserie techniques, Chinese designs that were redone to fit the Eurocentric market.

Address: 53 Old Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6QA

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