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Lizard Point Residency Exhibition

Lumen Studio

8 November - 10 November

This residency was inspired by an incredible communications double anniversary in 2019, for Lizard Lighthouse (400 years) and Goonhilly Earth Station (50 years: transmission of the first lunar landings), considering the importance of life-saving lighthouse beacons and internationally important transmissions across the sea and sky. We visited wireless and semaphore stations along the Lizard coastal path, considering the Scilly Isles 30 miles out to sea and the important prehistoric menhirs offering ‘beacons’ for travel & procession across the land.

We partnered with the National Trust and heard from our National Trust heritage expert, Rachel Holder about the special communications heritage along this coastline (Marconi etc). Carolyn Kennett, astroarchaeology/astrophysics expert, shared her local astroarchaeology research and understanding of the night skies with us.

The Crypt
St John on Bethnal Green, 200 Cambridge Heath Road
E2 9PA

Lumen x Mayes Creative Lizard Point Residency Exhibition Private View


6 – 9PM


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