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5 March - 31 March

Basstein is a Dutch artist who has been painting since a young age, and attended art
school at nineteen. Basstein has made an impact in The Netherlands not only with his
art, but his influence as a DJ in the music scene which he thrived in for ten years.
Now, he has returned to art with his full focus, using his experience from his musical
background in his artwork.

His work is composed in a similar manner to the way music is composed, with samples
and varying layers and elements which come together in harmony. Basstein chooses
images which resonate with him through researching books and magazines.

‘Combining images from fashion magazines with a piece of a comic book illustration
or a part of classic painting, felt similar to sampling a bass line or snare when creating
hip hop music.’ Eric Basstein

17 Osborn Street, E1 6TD

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