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Pinhole Camera Workshop

5 May - 5 May

Addressing the post pandemic fatigue with the immediacy of digital consumption, LUVA gallery is taking a step back to appreciate craft and togetherness.

Committed to face-to-face engagement with its local community LUVA gallery will be hosting a pinhole camera making workshop and artist discussion hosted by Royal College of Art, MA, Amber Jesson.

Participation to the workshop and talk is free. The materials for a total of 12 Pinhole cameras will be provided on a first come first serve basis.

A pinhole camera is a simple image capture device that doesn’t use a lens but instead makes images on film through a tiny aperture.

The workshop starts at 6pm


The proposed walking tour includes an exciting ensemble of varied galleries and spaces. The tour encompasses a diverse range of art, beginning with Whitechapel Gallery. The tour will then move to the well-established Hales gallery exhibiting late 20th-century abstract art. This will then be followed by Commonage projects and an experimental installation. The penultimate stop will be IMT gallery will a politically/ socially charged digital installation. Concluded by a workshop.

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