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Portals to The Past

Lychee One gallery

2 May - 1 June

We are delighted to announce our next solo exhibition Portals to The Past by Chinese-born London based artist Qian Qian @ivyivymuami.

This exhibition advances Qian’s artistic explorations over the past five years, intertwining the realms of technology with mythology, the material with the spiritual, and the tangible with the transcendent. In addition to her latest watercolours on paper, the exhibition also features her first attempt at presenting oil paintings on canvas, alongside a sculptural installation piece titled Form and Emptiness.

Text by Zian Chen


Lychee One

Unit 1, The Gransden
39-45 Gransden Avenue
E8 3QA

Opening Reception: Thursday, 2nd May, 6-8pm

Getting to: Lychee One gallery



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