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The Old Bank Vault

8 April - 1 May

Rosco‘s life as an artist began in about 2008 working in an office while muttering the words ‘oh f**k this’.

“I’ve always been involved in creative things, whether it’s live music, acting or stand up comedy”.

These various creative ventures combined have led him to his unique take on collaging.

Having been raised in a video shop in Kings Cross, as a child, it blurred the line between fantasy and the grey chaotic reality of London. When most children were enjoying Saturday morning cartoons, Rosco was attempting to make them using his parents’ old JVC video recorder.

His latest collection entitled ‘Adore‘ pulls heavily from the old still life masters like Jan Brueghel, Barbara Rigina Dietzsch and not forgetting his biggest influence, sci-fi comic book 2000ad.

Each print is made up of anything between 60-300 individually cut out pieces of wallpaper and classic paintings. Individually scanned into the computer and arranged.

“I originally made animals from old pieces of wallpaper and stuck them together on paper but due to Covid I was forced to work from home so space was an issue which took me down the path of creating more digitally. Can you imagine 300 individually cut out pieces of paper with two kids running around? The horror”.

Depending on the size of the work each piece can take about 2 weeks to make and on request can be hand glossed.

Rosco Currently lives and creates in London with his wife and two children.

The Old Bank Vault
283-285 Hackney Road
E2 8NA

Join us for the Private View of ‘Adore’ a solo exhibition of works by Rosco Brittin.


18:00 – 21:00

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