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46 Ashfield Street, London, United Kingdom



6 February - 29 February

Part of Galler46 XCHNGE series.

Two influential european galleries offer XCHNGE – PARIS XCHNGE LONDONLebenson Gallery and GALLERY46 – present ‘SMOKE’ & ‘STRENGTH’.
Only the smoke can elevate us among a pile of insignificant images, a smoke which covers, veils, reflects. The smoke puts everything into distance which is the only luxury in art. This smoke is literally relevant in the work of ROMAIN RIVIÉRE where the smoke is getting between our vision and the objects, “smoking” all the limits of narra- tion. But by its absence, the smoke becomes an element of the invisible, a-non image, an essential disturbance to the common reading.
Getting an invisible smoke in art is the art of disturbance, which happens to be at the centre of the dyslexia of reality by PHILIPPE SOUSSAN with his series of chairs, or the essential disruptive alterity in the case of OBVIOUS where the algorithm give us to see a visage, a presence unseen before. ARNIE gets into the inner blue vision of a metal soul, giving a soul to the digital flux. YUVAL SHAUL, leans us to the abysses with his porcelain shark submarine and antler boats from Pearl Harbour.
Smoking, if only I could smoke again, in a lonely cinema in St Germain!
The importance of a curatorial exchange is to unite cultures this has been the role of artists and galleries in times of turmoil / right wing politik – the necessity to engage, embrace and bond sensibility and action is a vital and intrinsic purpose.
The XCHANGE of perspectives and ideas that come from artists and galleries in their respective climate and culture gives understanding of differences in nuance and perspectives the artist and curators attain without thought and allows insight to the differences.

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