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4 July - 4 July

Sympoiesis takes its title from a concept found in feminist philosophy, particularly in the works of Donna Haraway. It contrasts with the notion of auto-poiesis, which refers to self-making or self-creation. Sympoiesis, on the other hand, emphasizes the interconnectedness and relationality of beings, highlighting the ways in which we are co-constituted within complex systems; how things are passed down, re-used and repurposed.

In this exhibition, though operating in different media and theme, the works of these six artists come together to elicit a feeling of interconnectedness, and consequently, mutual flourishing – a concept at the very core of both this exhibition and of Izena. Whilst maintaining independent identities, the works here operate in a symbiotic relationship by reacting to and elevating one another to create a whole.

As you journey through Sympoiesis, we invite you to reflect on the interconnectedness of living beings, and the transformative power of collaboration within art, learning from others through webs of connectedness. Without the generosity of our artists, collaborators, friends, and advisors – this exhibition would have never been able to happen.

May this exploration inspire you to embrace the spirit of Sympoiesis in your own life, nurturing relationships, and taking inspiration from others. Our live programme will involve collective creativity and co-creation among artists, performers, and audience members, fostering a sense of shared ownership and belonging within the cultural landscape.

Curated by Stella Smith and Lydia Dickens

IZENA, 309 Bethnal Grn RdLondon E2 6AH

Finissage: Thursday, 4th July, 19:00 – 21:00

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