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Tangle Teaser

7 June - 12 June

Acting as a marker of beliefs and attitudes, the way hair has been used as a material over time reveals our relationships to some of the major concerns that affect our societies – from a reflection of gender identity to a weapon for Iranian women, as a measure to gauge racial purity to a material that provokes both desire and disgust. The exhibition will explore how artists use hair to examine themes of lineage, conditions, tradition, gender, sexuality, politics and liberation.
By bringing together Sarabande artists who work in a variety of media including photography, sculpture, textiles, painting and performance, Tangle Teaser will weave in history, literature, politics and science to show how hair can reflect the world around us today.
The exhibition is part of Women Artists’ Art Week World, an initiative celebrating the work of female-identifying artists, and will feature work by Anouska Samms, Isabel Castro Jung, Laila Tara H, Paloma Tendero, Rosie Gibbens, Shannon Bono, Camilla Hanney and Shirin Fathi.


Sarabande Foundation, 22 Hertford Rd, London N1 5SH

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