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The Cable Street Mural

2 May - 3 April

The Cable Street Mural, located in Shadwell, East London, is a mural adorning the side of St George’s Town Hall. Created by Dave Binnington, Paul Butler, Ray Walker, and Desmond Rochfort during the years 1979 to 1983, it serves as a tribute to the historic events of the Battle of Cable Street in 1936. The original concept for the artwork was devised by Dave Binnington himself and inspired by the Mexican mural artists David Siqueiros and Diego Rivera.

Taking place on Sunday, October 4, 1936, in Cable Street, this event marked a pivotal moment in history, opposing a procession by the British Union of Fascists under Oswald Mosley’s leadership. Demonstrators from diverse backgrounds, including local Jewish, socialist, anarchist, Irish, and communist factions, confronted the Metropolitan Police, who sought to dismantle the barricades erected to impede the march.

The mural showcases faces captured from newspaper photos of the battle, commemorating a diverse array of communities living in the neighbourhood both in the past and in the present. Among them are members of Cable Street’s Bengali community, today’s largest community in the neighborhood.

Public Sculpture located in Cable St, London E1 0BL

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