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Up Close and Personal

7 September - 30 September

Haricot Gallery is thrilled to announce its upcoming group show, ‘Up Close and Personal,‘ taking place from September 8th to September 30th. This show comprises of paintings, works on paper, and photography by artists: David Surman, Alfie Kungu, Maisie Cousins, András Ladocsi, Jessica Rose Bird, Kevin Ford, Mingxuan Zhang, and Yulia Zinshtein.

The exhibition weaves together the creative narratives of these eight artists, inviting you to delve into a world where intimate details and profound closeness take centre stage. At a time when our attention often gravitates towards the grand and sweeping, this exhibition serves as a captivating reminder to pause, lean in, and immerse ourselves in the intricate beauty of life’s minutiae.

Each artist brings their unique perspective of looking deeply and intimately at the world around us. Their artworks don’t skim the surface; they demand your attention, allowing you to explore their intricacies. The works contrast, complement and intersect with each other. David Surman, Kevin Ford, and Alfie Kungu exude a sense of humour and playfulness, engaging in their whimsical narratives. The pieces by András Ladocsi, Jessica Rose Bird, and Yulia Zinshtein unveil a world of fragility and delicacy, evoking emotions that resonate on a tender and profound level. Standing in stark juxtaposition are the shockingly beautiful works of Mingxuan Zhang and Maisie Cousins, which challenge conventional aesthetics and stir a mixture of awe and disturbance. This dynamic fusion stands as a testament to the raw, unfiltered emotions that only the experience of getting ‘Up Close and Personal’ creates.

‘Up Close and Personal’ encourages you to immerse yourself in the unique perspectives of each artist. It’s an opportunity to truly see and take the time to look, uncovering the intimate details that often surround us. By engaging with these nuances, we unveil the hidden beauty that lies within the world around us.

Opening Reception: Thursday, 7th September, 6-8 pm

Haricot Gallery, 2 Blackall Street, Shoreditch EC2A 4AD

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