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Brady Arts Centre

3 March - 31 March

Alternative Arts presents an exhibition by women photographers celebrating Women’s History Month with portraits and images of women at work and play, at demonstrations and celebrations, exploring their identity and history.

Included are Sarah Ainslie’s images of women working in local food banks, Gweniver Exton’s photos of women taken when travelling through South East Asia. Hattie Collins Water Bodies highlights the importance of ecological issues. Portraits by Jacqui Ennis-Cole feature Lola, a ‘punk’ musician, working in a health food store.

Four Corners contribute archive images of women’s film and photography workshops from the 1970s. Fran Hales shows photos of Adenike protesting relentlessly during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in London 2020. Jenny Lewis exhibits some of her portraits from her One Hundred Years project capturing one hundred women in the East End of London from the age of One to One Hundred. Street photography by Farlon J Rahaman highlights the beauty of everyday women.

Holly Revell’s images portray queer women and non-binary people celebrating ‘Pride’. Anna Sherbany exhibits stunning images of women as strong and naked but not pornographic. Mary Thompson shows photos of protests from the ‘Million Women Rise’ Marches Against Violence Against Women, and the Fawcett Society March Against the Cuts. Julie Cook’s photographs of hair curlers evoke memories of her mother.

Enzo Ascione Ash gives out a burst of live energy, Samantha Brown presents photographs of the demolition of a shoe factory collaged with images of former workers. Mary Lynne Ellis focuses on older women from diverse cultural backgrounds on protests in London, and Krystina Stimakovits shows women in urban spaces travelling between home and work, shopping, rushing, waiting, reflecting, planning, dreaming.

The images for this live exhibition were selected from the Women’s History Month Photo Open Online 2021, but can also be viewed online at

Exhibition curated by Sarah Ainslie and Maggie Pinhorn

192-196 Hanbury Street, E1 5HU

Opening: 03/03/2022

Time: 6pm – 8pm

This is a chance to preview the show and meet the artists involved. It also marks the opening of Women’s History Month; a month in which contemporary women artists, activists, writers, performers, women’s groups and community organisations will present a diverse programme of events and exhibitions in galleries, venues, libraries and institutions across East London. All those involved will be invited. Refreshments will be available.


Getting to: Brady Arts Centre

The Brady Arts & Community Centre is a just a 5-minute walk from Whitechapel Station and 10 minutes from Aldgate East and Liverpool Street. Up the road from the centre is Brick Lane leading to Spitalfields.

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