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A-Side B-Side Gallery

A-side B-side Gallery is situated in Hackney central, east London. They are an artist run gallery, project space and studios. As a multifunctional space, they also host bespoke events, run art classes and provide creative workshops.


A-side B-side Gallery
352 Mare Street
E8 1HR

Getting to: A-Side B-Side Gallery

FIND: A-side B-side Gallery is located in Hackney central opposite Marks & Spencer

TRAVEL: For public transport the closest station is: Hackney central station

PARKING: Parking in the road near the gallery is restricted to dropping off & loading only.  Or there is a Tesco car park nearby where you can park up to 1hr 30mins

Please contact Transport for London for detailed travel advice

 The gallery is fully wheelchair accessible


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"This work was triggered by the idea of creating an inhabitable space inside books. In 1996, Ampudia dug out the gu…

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