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This exhibition is organised by Bumaga Gallery, whose interest predominantly lies in works on paper. A medium often overlooked, or considered second-rate material to the original artworks of art. Approaching an empty piece of paper, one may consider it in the multitude of ways, occasionally, never imagined before. Bumaga Gallery’s aim is to search out such considerations in attempt to explore what each of piece of paper really means in relation to the artist’s mind and their practice or perhaps,

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Bumaga Gallery
Southgate Studios 2-4
Southgate Road
N1 3JJ

Getting to: Bumaga Gallery

Pulp is a group exhibition of works on paper by over 10 artists and is organised by Bumaga Gallery, an initiative with a particular focus on works on paper. Pulp exhibition is hosted by Shipton Street Gallery, 3-5th of May, 12 – 6 pm and by appointment. Private View 2nd of May, 6-9 pm.

Shipton Street,
E2 7RZ


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