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Today is finally First Thursdays

Our usual East Ends recommended walking route for today starts at Whitechapel Gallery with the winning Max Mara Art Prize for Women commission by Emma Talbot (b. 1969, UK). The exhibition questions deeply rooted positions of power, governance, attitudes to nature and representations of women through an acutely personal lens. It takes as a starting point Gustav Klimt’s painting The Three Ages of Woman (1905), which features a naked elderly woman standing in apparent shame. Throughout a bespoke six-month Italian residency organised by The Collezione Maramotti in Reggio Emilia, Italy, Talbot re-framed the older woman as a figure with the agency, capable of overcoming a series of trials similar to The Twelve Labors of Hercules. Through her modern-day trials, the woman reconstructs contemporary society, tackling some of the most pressing issues of our time.

After visiting Whitechapel Gallery, the route heads to The Stash Gallery for an exhibition of photography from the late ’70s by Iain McKell, who was a beach photographer from Weymouth and Sara Leigh Lewis, a photographer from New Zealand, who was a member of the 1978-1980 Auckland punk and early post-punk scenes. Visiting this show is a great opportunity to have a close look at a wide variety of photographs capturing the daily lives, the subcultures, and the vernacular of 70’s youth from the British coast town and Auckland.

The next stop is at Doyle Wham for POSTCARDS FROM KILIFITommie Ominde’s first ever solo exhibition. Ominde was born and has lived ever since in the coastal town of Kilifi in Kenya, a small settlement north of Mombasa. He has witnessed gradual and fascinating changes in Kilifi, seeing how the slow but steady influx of tourism has transformed his hometown in subtle ways. As a photographer, throughout the last ten years, he has been primarily interested in the relationship between people and their surrounding landscape, through a fruitful practice dedicated to exploration, observation and documentation.

The last stop of today is Reclaiming Amazonia at Second Home. The venue has joined forces with community-generated radio station dublab Brazil to host a special evening of art, music and discussion dedicated to the indigenous resistance of Brazil, showcasing an audio-visual installation by artists Maihara Marjorie and Thiago Duar, talks by Brazil Foreign Correspondent Andrew Downie and Survival International Indigenous tribes activist Sarah Shenker, DJ sets from dublab Brazil, Worm Soundsystem and a special live performance from Afon Sistema. All ticket proceeds go to charity, but Whitechapel Gallery guests can use code FIRSTTHURSDAYS for free tickets.

♡♡♡♡♡♥  Enjoy your Thursday night!! ♥♡♡♡♡♡



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