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This week is the first since Whitechapel Gallery inaugurated the London Open exhibition, and The London Open: Artists Takeover is happening today from 6 to 9! What a better day to have an exciting First Thursday night?

Celebrate the vibrancy of London’s art community as Whitechapel Gallery is taken over by an incredible roster of artists! Contributors include artists featuring in The London Open 2022, as well as those working here at the Gallery. In the spirit of The London Open, which has been a launch-pad for leading artists for over 90 years, expect cutting-edge music, performance, film screenings, workshops and more from artists including Ian Giles, Candida Powell Williams, Eloise Hawser, Misha Farrant, Alice Thompson, and more. All events and activities are free.  

Our usual East Ends recommended walking route for today heads to Autograph ABP for The Island, an exhibition by Angolan-Portuguese artist Mónica de Miranda that contemplates the complex experiences of Afrodiasporic lives and Europe’s colonial past. Fusing fact and fiction, The Island explores a long trajectory of black presences in Portugal by bringing together intertwined narratives – drawing on African liberation movements, migratory experiences, and identity formations through a black feminist lens.

Later, you have the opportunity to visit two East London local annual shows. The first one is E1 Printmakers at Brady Art Centre, an end-of-year exhibition by local printmakers from classes run at both the Brady Art Centre and Shadwell Print Studio. The second annual show is THIS YEAR’S MODEL part II at Studio 1.1, an exhibition encompassing a great variety of works of different media by artists members of their space. Visiting the two exhibitions is a great chance to explore some local East London communities of creatives and community oriented art spaces. The Brady Arts and Community Centre is a multi-purpose arts centre in the heart of London’s East End, providing a welcoming and accessible place for the local community of Tower Hamlets. While Studio 1.1 is an artist-led, not-for-profit gallery space based in Shoreditch since 2003.

The last stop of today is at Beer London for Time of the Season, a debut solo exhibition of British artist Ross Taylor. Taylor’s dreamlike, whimsical landscapes link the fantastical and every day, through an extraordinary use of colour and his remarkable technical prowess – these landscapes, possibly located somewhere between his native Britain and his adopted home of Australia, present a nostalgic, sentimentalized view of the natural world.

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