Jewellery Tree Supplementary Resource

Jewellery Tree, 2021, Mixed media, 109.2 x 61 x 73.7 cm. Courtesy the Nicole Eisenman.

Nicole Eisenman, Jewellery Tree, 2021.

Jewellery Tree is a sculptural work by Nicole Eisenman included in What Happened, at Whitechapel Gallery Until 14 Jan 2024, located between Gallery 1 and Gallery 9.

Unfortunately Jewellery Tree is not accessible without the use of steps.To accommodate visitors who require alternative access, we provide this supplementary resource.

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In 2012, Eisenman was invited to exhibit at London’s Studio Voltaire. Using plaster and various found objects, she made an installation of figurative sculptures. While most of the works were too delicate to survive, the show marked an important shift towards sculpture. As a result, in 2020 Eisenman was invited to propose a work for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

Jewellery Tree included a tin foil medal based on one of Lord Nelson’s, as well as a crushed British beer can, flatbread, and other objects. Although the work was not finally commissioned, this maquette was displayed in the National Gallery the same year.


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