Audio Interventions


Support Structure

A series of audio interventions by Céline Condorelli & Gavin Wade, part of their project Support Structure, is installed in various public areas of Whitechapel Gallery on the ground and lower ground floors.

These audio pieces by various artists, originally commissioned by Arnolfini in 2008, are collectively titled Music for Museums. Inspired by the history of the Muzak corporation, Brian Eno’s Music for Airports (1978), and Erik Satie’s Furniture Music (1917) these soundtracks were created for a specific range of functional areas within gallery and museum spaces, such as the lobby, bookshop, café, bathrooms, gallery, cinema and office.

The soundtrack questions the default position of ‘neutrality’ of the contemporary exhibition environment, and reconsiders them as places of production; it addresses the existing cultural and commercial typologies of the museum to stimulate critical engagement with ‘functional music’.


Céline Condorelli and Gavin Wade
'Support Structure'


Conceived in association with: Guest Curator Tom Trevor

In partnership with:
The Vinyl Factory

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With additional support from: