2016: Clay Collective and Georges Green Secondary School

  • Clay Collective and Georges Green Secondary School Whitechapel Gallery Masterclass

Clay Collective and Georges Green Secondary School, Tower Hamlets, Year 11

Clay Collective worked with students to take ceramics on unexpected journeys, from canvas to sculpture to functional object.

Through practical activities and discussion, students explored the history of crafts, gaining insight into the Clay Collectives’ approach to working collaboratively.

It’s been a great opportunity and I am glad we found time and resources to go out and benefit from it. I have a great passion for working with clay so it is very limiting that we don’t have facilities to work with clay at school. I am delighted that my students could come here and work with the artist and visit the gallery. This type of encounter and hands on skills that students gained translate into so much more! Confidence in their own work and ideas is one thing but they also, thanks to days like this one, recognise arts as a potential career choice.  Teacher, Georges Green Secondary School

It is great to be in a different environment. This doesn’t feel like school and it doesn’t feel like a normal art lesson.  We are free to do what we want and to experiment. We work a lot with paintings at school and using clay is so different! I want to make more 3D work now. Student, Georges Green Secondary School